Social Return on Investment

A successful employment experience occurs when an employee offers suitable job and essential skills, and has the self confidence and soft skills to embrace their work, without barriers.

Within the 2017 and 2018 cohorts alone, 76% (2017) and 92% (2018) of participants presented with a significant barrier to employment 
The Learning Exchange has always advocated that SJLE learners should be treated as employees working towards a better future, to recognize their time and effort invested.
SJLE has adopted an incentive-based model that funds individuals as they achieve goals along their educational, training and employment pathways. 
Financial incentives and wages


67% of WorkLinks participants are
now long term employed.
183 job seekers (31%)
have been hired by
employer-partners of WorkLinks. 
Every $1 invested in SJLE
to date has earned more
than $7.5 in value