Stone Soup Catering

We believe that meaningful work and whole, fresh foods are two essential components of a healthy life. Stone Soup Catering combines the two. We train and hire program participants from the Saint John Learning Exchange, providing them a good living wage to prepare a varied delicious menu of healthy meals for our community clientele. All profits from Stone Soup are used to support the no-fee education and employment services of the Learning Exchange and our healthy snack program for all program participants: Fuel the Brain.

Our name, Stone Soup, evokes the legend of weary travelers with nothing but a pot of water and a stone. When they asked villagers for food out-right, the response was “No”, but when they began to ask for contributions of specific ingredients to make a soup to be shared, they accumulated everything they needed to prepare a wonderful, hearty meal for the whole village. We believe that our achievements are indelibly linked to our talented, generous community and their willingness to contribute to, and share in, our success.

If you are looking to impress attendees at your next meeting or function, contact us @ 650-SJLE (7553) and ask about Stone Soup Catering!