Do you struggle to find the right person for the job?  Our Job Developer is here to help!

When employers use the WorkLinks service they have access to the following at absolutely NO COST:

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  • Pre-screening services
  • Retention support
  • A pool of 100+ qualified, work-ready candidates
  • Referrals for available positions at a moment's notice

The Job Developer wants to know what kind of skills, work culture, and commitment are required to succeed within your organization.  They will connect with you to find out and make sure that they're putting the right candidates forward from our talent pool of high quality job seekers.  By helping to streamline your hiring process it's easy to see why our partners keep coming back.

Unlike traditional fee-for-service agencies our work with you doesn't end when someone is hired.  The Job Developer will continue to communicate with you and offer additional support if needed should any issues arise.  This connection makes WorkLinks unique, and sets both employers and employees on the path to long-term success.

If you want to learn more about how WorkLinks can connect you to quality candidates contact Erin, our Job Developer at erin.mackenney@sjle.org or give her a call at 648-0202

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